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Flash Hacks - 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

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This collection offers expert Flash tips and tricks for optimization, creating interesting effects, ActionScript programming, sound and video effects, and much more--and you don't need to be an expert to use them (although you'll certainly look like one). Ranging from practical hacks to the fun and quirky, the book covers Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, and Flash MX Professional 2004. If you want more than your average Flash user, Flash Hacks is for you.

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Finale 2005 Power!

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Music notation can be a tough task to master. Finale is the ultimate tool for conquering it. And now you have the ultimate guide for mastering Finale 2005! With "Finale 2005 Power!", you?ll learn how to create professional-quality sheet music with Finale quickly and efficiently. Begin by establishing a solid understanding of Finale's framework. Then get ready to master the everyday shortcuts and tricks that make Finale a breeze to use. Walk through each step of the score creation process?from starting a new document, to entering and spacing your music, to layout, extracting parts, and, finally, printing your score. Learn how to quicken your pace using special tricks, new features in Finale 2005, little-known options, and supplemental third-party plug-ins. This book also applies to Finale 2006! Most of this year's new Finale features (e.g. performance enhancements, GPO, Studio View, and the Mixer) are stacked on top of the existing Finale 2005 framework. Therefore, the topics covered in Finale 2005 Power!, including everything from basic entry to advanced layout, are still completely accurate when used along side Finale 2006. For details see www.finalepower.com.

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Animating Real-Time Game Characters

Book Description
Learn the basics of what makes a great character model and gain new insights to the many issues facing the character animator. Using the tried and proven methods found in Animating Real-Time Game Characters, you'll quickly bring your character animation to the next level. Find detailed coverage on modeling, rigging, and weighting real-time game characters using 3ds max and character studio. Explore effective keyframing techniques that focus on dramatic poses and proper timing. Discover how to work with and adjust motion capture data as well as what to look for when working with mocap studios. Get an inside glimpse at the process of taking a real-time game character from concept to export into a game technology. With the popularity of games like Quake III: Arena, Unreal Tournament, and Warcraft III, real-time gaming is here to stay. Whether you're a working professional or an eager novice, Animating Real-Time Game Characters will absolutely help you improve your character animation skills using 3ds max and character studio.

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3D Lighting Techniques: History, Concepts and Techniques

3D Lighting Techniques: History, Concepts and Techniques

Arnold Gallardo

Is there something missing from your 3D images? Do they lack vibrancy and realism? If so, the problem may not be with your images, but with the lighting behind them.

Mastering the art of lighting in 3D graphics is a challenge facing even the most experienced professionals. With the hands-on techniques and guidelines provided in these pages, however, you’ll learn to illuminate your work and add new depth and detail to your images. From the history of lighting, to the detailed fundamentals of 3D graphics, all of the concepts needed to improve or refresh your lighting skills are covered. The general lighting techniques and information provided will serve as an indispensable and timeless resource.


  • A variety of detailed tutorials used throughout the book to teach techniques
  • Includes coverage of Cinematography and Photography
  • Details color theory and the fundamentals of how a computer draws
  • Covers all types of lighting situations from portrait, indoor/outdoor, water, textured materials (hair, fur, fabric, sand and snow), reflective and refractive (metals, glass, plastic, gels), and anisotropic materials including brushed objects, wood grain, and coated surfaces.
  • Commercial applications including Lightscape 3.2, Lightwave 5.6, and trueSpace 4.2 used in the examples as well as 3D Studio Max and VIZ.
  • Stunning color section illustrates techniques
  • CD-ROM (Win/Mac) includes demos of some of the programs covered, and illustrations and tutorials from within the book

Tentative Table of Contents

Experience of Light; Physiology of Light; Historical Perspective; Fundamentals of Photography/Cinematogra-phy; Color Theory; Types of Lights; Quality of Light; Lighting Situations; How a Computer Draws Visible Objects; The Art of Seeing: Evoking an Emotion; Warm Lighting; Storm/Rain; Monochrome/Achromatic; Polychrome/Chromatic; Composition and Layout; Practical Workflow; Post-Production Issues.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Flash MX 2004 Games - Art to ActionScript

Flash MX 2004 Games
Art to ActionScript

Nik Lever
ISBN 0 240 519 639 Focal Press 2004

  • Benefit from the experience of a successful games designer whose Flash sites regularly get 50,000+ hits per day.
  • Explained by an artist/programmer for artists, designers and web developers so you can easily see how Flash ActionScript can work for your own games development.
  • Includes lots of sample games you can adapt for your own use with the files on the free CD-Rom.

Learn the professional skills you need to make the best use of Flash for creating interactive animation and producing exciting, dynamic Internet content. Learn the entire process from creating the art and animation for games in Flash, to adding the interactivity using Flash's ActionScripting language. There is also extra valuable coverage of how Flash integrates with Director MX 2004, C++, C# and Visual Basic.

As a designer using Flash you will see how you can apply your creative skills to the many stages of game production and produce your own interactive games with this versatile package. As an animator you will be able to add interactive functionality to your own animation and produce a game. As a web developer you will see how to make the best use of the sophisticated development environment Flash offers for the production of both artwork and code to create low bandwidth, animated web content that sells.

The free CD-Rom includes all the code and files you need to try out the tutorials and see exactly how each game was created. Learn from the many different types of example games provided, from simple quizzes to platform-based games. Flash Communication Server and the new Flash Lite are covered in this new edition. High score tables and multi-player games using sockets, vital to higher level online games, are also explained in detail to ensure you have the complete skill set needed to succeed in this competitive arena.

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Director MX 2004 Games

Game development with Macromedia Director
Nik Lever
ISBN 0 240 519 493 Focal Press 2004
  • Benefit from the experience of a successful games designer whose Director sites regularly get 50,000+ hits per day.
  • Explained by an artist for artists so you can easily see how Director scripting can work for your own games development.
  • Includes lots of sample games you can adapt for your own use with the files on the free CD-Rom.
  • Play the cover game
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The Animator's Survival Kit

Book: The Animator's Survival Kit
Author: Richard Williams
Year: 2001
dFX Review Rating: 8.5 out of 10
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1. Drawing in Time
2. Time to Draw
3. It's all in the Timing and the Spacing
4. Lesson 1
5. Advancing Backwards to 1940
6. More on Spacing
7. Walks
8. Runs, Jumps, and Skips
9. Flexibility
10. Weight
11. Anticipation
12. Takes and Accents
13. Timing, Staggers, Wave and Whip
14. Dialogue
15. Acting
16. Animal Action
17. Directing
18. Review

"...Other techniques may not transfer as well to the computer realm, but are valuable nonetheless. For example, Williams describes how to do a stagger vibration, such as when a character nervously reaches for an object. This technique has stymied many an animator, but Williams provides the secret - draw the action straight ahead, then shoot the drawings slightly out of sequence, skipping back and forth (drawing 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6, etc).

The Animator's Survival Kit represents not only Williams' experience, but also the knowledge he gained from working with industry legends like Ken Harris, Grim Natwick, and Milt Kahl. For those who never had the opportunity to learn from these industry giants, having their combined skill and experience distilled through Williams makes the book even more valuable..."

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Beginning Dynamic Websites with ASP.NET Web Matrix

With this beginner's guide, you will build real dynamic websites right from the beginning, learn how databases work, and how to make the most of them, create content you can distribute to other websites, and much more.

Table of Contents
David Sussman’s Beginning Dynamic Websites with ASP.NET Web Matrix
Chapter 1 - Installing and Exploring Web Matrix
Chapter 2 - Writing your First ASP.NET Web Page
Chapter 3 - Creating Web Pages
Chapter 4 - Writing Code
Chapter 5 - Storing Different Types of Data
Chapter 6 - Working with Collections of Data
Chapter 7 - Debugging and Error Handling
Chapter 8 - Working with Databases
Chapter 9 - Displaying Data
Chapter 10 - Working with Data
Chapter 11 - Linking to Pages and Files
Chapter 12 - Reusable Content
Chapter 13 - Case Study Part 1: Extending Your Web Application
Chapter 14 - Case Study Part 2: Identifying Your Users
Chapter 15 - Remembering Your Visitors
Chapter 16 - Web Services
Chapter 17 - Beyond Web Matrix
Appendix A - Microsoft Internet Information Server

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Essential Lightwave 3D 8

  • Paperback: 612 pages
  • Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc.; Bk&CD-Rom edition (February 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1556220820
  • ISBN-13: 978-1556220821
Book Description
Provides an comprehensive tutorial to this popular 3D animation and modeling software popular not only in animation, cartoons, but television and computer games.

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