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3ds max 5 for Dummies (Paperback)

Book Description
* Helps beginning and intermediate users gain the upper hand on the world's bestselling professional 3D graphics software, which is used by an estimated 170,000 animators in film, television, games, and other industries
* Covers the essentials, such as the 3ds max interface, navigation, and
* display tools, then moves on to modeling, modifiers, mapping surfaces, rendering, using lighting, and creating 3D animations
* o Clear explanations, example projects, and lots of illustrations help readers get up to speed fast
* o Explores the substantial updates and enhancements to 3ds max
* o Author has written more than twenty computer graphics and animation books

Book Info
Covers the essentials, such as the 3ds max interface, navigation, and display tools, then moves on to modeling, modifiers, mapping surfaces, rendering, using lighting, and creating 3D animations. Explores the substantial updates and enhancements to 3ds max. Covers Version 5. Softcover.

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Introducing Maya 8: 3D for Beginners

Dariush Derakhshani, "Introducing Maya 8: 3D for Beginners"
Sybex | October 9, 2006 | ISBN: 0470051353 | PDF | 14.4MB | 461 pages

If you're just beginning to dive into the world of 3D, this is the book for you.
The Academy Award winning Maya 3D animation and effects software is the first choice of film and video artists, game developers, and 3D design professionals. Discover how to build, render, and animate your own digital models and scenes, and begin to develop professional-level Maya skills with the latest edition of this popular bestseller.

Starting with the basics, the book builds from the ground up, combining straightforward text with practical examples that make it fun and easy to learn Maya's core features while introducing new Maya 8 elements such as improved polygon tools and enhanced rendering with mental ray. Clear-cut, engaging lessons let you experiment using the wealth of files provided on the CD-ROM. You'll also find an abundance of instructional and inspirational Maya creations in the full-color insert.
The accompanying CD-ROMs images, movies, and scene files let you view material from the book right on your own computer. Tackle all-new rendering and dynamics tutorials and much more. The CD includes Maya Personal Learning Edition software.


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3ds Max 9 Bible

"An excellent book for beginners as well as advanced 3ds Max users. A valuable reference that covers everything you'd want to know."
-Andre Surya, Award-winning Digital Artist

A favorite of 3ds Max artists from beginners to pros!

Why is 3ds Max Bible a perennial bestselling favorite? Because whether you're a beginner looking for a tutorial to get you up to speed your first day or an expert needing a reference to Max's advanced features, it's all here. Loaded with advice, professional tips, and more than 150 step-by-step lessons, this is the most comprehensive reference-tutorial on 3ds Max on the market, and the one you'll turn to again and again.
* Organize and blend sequences with the new Animation Layers feature
* Explore Sun and Sky, Car Paint, and other new mental ray shaders
* Combine and divide objects with ProBoolean and ProCutter
* Create more accurate dynamic animations with updated reactor tools
* Add greater realism with enhanced and integrated hair and fur tools
* Reference objects, materials, and controllers with XRef

Animate a dancing cartoon moose

Isolate mapping surfaces with the Quick Planar map button

Add realistic motion to your model's hairstyle

What's on the DVD?

You'll find before-and-after example files for every tutorial in the book. The DVD also includes:
* Models and textures to customize for your own designs
* Rendered AVI files of animations used in the tutorials
* All the Max files for every tutorial
* Adobe tryout versions of After Effects(r), Photoshop(r) CS2, Illustrator(r) CS2, and Premiere Pro

System Requirements: See the DVD appendix for details and complete system requirements.

* Learning the Max Interface.
* Working with Objects.
* Modeling.
* Materials and Maps.
* Cameras and Lighting.
* Animation.
* Dynamic Animation.
* Characters.
* Rendering.
* Post Processing.
* MAXScript and Plug-Ins.,descCd-description.html

* 3ds Max 9 Bible PDF = 185 MB

* Chapter Example Files ( 3dsmax scene files ) = 735 MB

* 3D Models = 98,2 MB

* Textures = 27,8 MB


Foundation 3ds Max 8 Architectural Visualization

Foundation 3ds Max 8 Architectural Visualization
This book is "A MUST HAVE" for anyone in the architectural CG industry. It contains great information for the novice user all the way through a multi year MAX veteran

In this book you'll learn:

* How to model an architectural scene and create stunning materials that breathe life into your projects
* How to use real-world photometric lights and global illumination to achieve photorealism
* Efficient project workflow and scene assembly
* Tips and tricks for the production environment that would take years to learn the hard way
* How to market your services to prospective clients

Welcome to the world of 3D architectural visualizations using the most powerful and versatile 3D software package on the planet: 3ds Max. In just the last few years, the visualization industry has arguably become the fastest-growing 3D industry, and may soon overtake all others in total number of users. Just as the use of CAD became the norm for nearly all architectural, engineering, and construction firms in the 90s, 3D visualizations have become standard practice today.

This book takes you through the challenge of learning one of the most complex computer programs ever created, by way of easy-to-follow tutorials and instruction. It specifically focuses on those parts of the program you need to know to produce stunning architectural visualizations.

The intent is not to show you every possible way to accomplish a task, but rather some of the fastest and most efficient ways. At the end of the book, there is a guide to marketing your services, as well as 20 top tips that took the author almost 10 years to learn in a production environment—sometimes the hard way.

3ds Max is a large and complex application—but by learning just the features that apply to visualizations, you'l be learning everything you need to know to get ahead in the industry in the shortest possible time.

Summary of Contents:

o Quick Start 1 Getting Started
o Chapter 1 Navigating the 3ds Max Interface
o Chapter 2 Working with Objects
o Quick Start 2 Getting Started with Modeling
o Chapter 3 Modeling Basics
o Chapter 4 The Critical Compound Objects Types (Loft, Boolean, Terrain, and Scatter)
o Chapter 5 The Critical Modeling Modifiers
o Quick Start 3 Getting Started with Materials
o Chapter 6 Material Basics
o Chapter 7 The Critical Map Channels
o Chapter 8 The Critical Map Types
o Chapter 9 UVW Mapping
o Quick Start 4 Getting Started with Lights
o Chapter 10 Basic Lighting
o Chapter 11 Photometric Lighting
o Chapter 12 Global Illumination
o Quick Start 5 Getting Started with Cameras and Animation
o Chapter 13 Camera Basics
o Chapter 14 Animation Basics
o Chapter 15 Animation Controllers
o Quick Start 6 Getting Started with Rendering
o Chapter 16 Rendering Basics
o Chapter 17 Scene Assembly
o Chapter 18 Effect Basics
o Appendix A Marketing Your Services
o Appendix B Top 20 Production Tips
o Appendix C Customizing 3ds Max
o Appendix D Keyboard Shortcuts


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The Game Animator's Guide to Maya

The Game Animator's Guide to Maya is the only book to explore Maya's rigging and animation tools to provide artists and animators with real-world techniques for creating today's video and PC game animations. The book first introduces readers to the games industry and typical game development pipelines, then looks at rigging and animation basics and techniques. Finally, the real-world, hands-on projects help readers learn everything from how to seamlessly blend animations (for instance, having a character walk, then attack, then walk again) to animating wings, slime, and vehicles. The book also features interviews with game animators and a CD with $3000 of exclusive content, including models, high-resolution textures, animations, concept art, animation reference videos, and the Maya Personal Learning Edition.

The Ultimate Resource for Professional Game Animators: Game animation is a demanding art. Not only do you have to deliver realistic animations, but you have to do so under strict real-time, video-game constraints.The Game Animator's Guide to Maya is your focused resource for using Maya to create professional-level game animations for console and PC games. Written by a game industry veteran and featuring interviews with professional animators and artists from around the country, this focused book features specific, detailed, real-world game animation techniques. It's the perfect reference and tutorial for those looking to develop or refine their game animation skills.

The Game Animator's Guide to Maya gives you an insider's view of the animation business and teaches the skills necesary to animate everything from characters to vehicles to lip-synching audio. First, you'll get an introduction to the industry and typical game development pipelines, then learn rigging and animation basics before moving on to advanced techniques and the detailed tutorials. Inside you'll find:

Game Career Guide: Industry information, demo reel advice, job descriptions, game asset pipeline overview.

Animation Techniques: Detailed explanation of animation terms, techniques, tools, concepts, and editors.

Rigging and Animation Setup: IK and FK, joint hierarchies, skeleton controls, constraints, selection handles, and more.

True Game Animation: Real-world assignments that mimic the day-to-day jobs of professional game animators--walk cycles, run cycles, idle cycles, action sequences, lip-synching to audio, and more.

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Visual Quickpro Guide After Effects 7 for Windows and Macintosh

Need to take your Adobe After Effects skills to the next level? Learn After Effects the fast, efficient way! This Visual QuickPro Guide uses illustrations and in-depth explanations. You’ll be a master in time! • Takes a visual, task-based approach to teaching After Effects, using pictures to guide you through the software and show you what to do. • Works like a reference book—you look up what you need and then get straight to work. • Concise, straightforward steps and explanations offer the fastest way to learn tasks and concepts. • Affordably priced, because buying a computer book shouldn’t be an investment in itself. Through step-by-step instructions, enhanced by tips, sidebars, and plenty of visual aids, veteran video editor Antony Bolante shows you how to effectively and efficiently import and manage footage, view and edit layers, apply effects, animate type, and more. You’ll learn about key features with real-world examples of how and when features should be used, including what’s new in After Effects 7.0: motion tracker, powerful animation and keyframing controls, high quality keying and matte tools, network rendering, expert effects, nondestructive vector painting, and more!

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Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most - AMACOM

It’s inevitable: no matter what industry, no matter how well run the company or department, unexpected problems emerge, setbacks occur, and crises arise. The difference between success and failure during these crucial moments is in how (and whether) one rises to the occasion. In Crunch Point, success expert Brian Tracy lets readers in on the secrets to shining in the kind of tough situations that make others fall apart.
Written in Tracy’s trademark direct style, each short, to-the-point chapter is packed with powerful techniques that will enable readers to deal swiftly and effectively with any difficulty that comes their way. The book presents proven strategies to:
* stay calm
* take control of the problem
* communicate clearly and quickly with key people
* project confidence and authority
* eliminate barriers blocking a speedy resolution
* focus on key result areas
* tap one’s inner reserves of energy and strength
* and much more!
With Crunch Point, readers will not only learn how to survive the most stressful and difficult situations — but thrive in the face of tremendous pressure and come out a winner.

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50 Fast Flash MX Techniques

  • Paperback: 292 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley; Bk&CD-Rom edition (September 9, 2002)
  • Language: English
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Character Animation in 3D, : Use traditional drawing techniques to produce stunning CGI animation (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation)

Based on 10 years of animation teaching experience, this comprehensive guide to key techniques will ensure your skills best fit the computer animation workplace. A complete understanding of the vital animation drawing skills will be achieved by learning the pitfalls in a 2D exercise then applying these skills when using 3D animation packages.

Providing a broad coverage this book will be relevant whatever 3D package you use, Softimage XSI, Maya, 3ds max or LightWave. Just knowing and being able to use a specific 3D software package does not make you an animator, but reading this book will!

The Free CD-ROM includes; how to animate exercises in each specific 3d animation program; short movies showing best practice; computer models so you can experiment and learn; a free demo copy and discount code for the best 2D animation software you can buy, DigiCel FlipBook., provides further resources about the world of animation, extensive list of links, how to get a job, build a lightbox, make an animated movie and much more!

* Improve your 3D animation by understanding the key 2D skills
* Inspiring coverage for all that is needed to produce original, humorous and exciting animation
* Free CD-ROM with short movies relating to each chapter plus the computer models so you can create as you follow the book's tutorials

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Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET (Beginning)

Ajax has the power to revolutionize the way web-based applications are designed. This book provides you with a thorough working knowledge of what Ajax has to offer and how to take full advantage of it in your application development.

Following an exploration of how Ajax works with .NET, you'll get acquainted with DHTML, the role of JavaScript and the Document Object Model, and the XMLHttpRequest Object, which is the foundation of Ajax. Then you will examine the Ajax-type features built into ASP.NET and explore the Ajax.NET Professional Library in detail. Finally, you will explore client scripting as well as building and using controls with Microsoft's Atlas. With an entire chapter devoted to debugging, you will have all you need to use this cutting-edge technology.

What you will learn from this book
* What you can do with the open source Ajax.NET Professional Library
* How to use the corresponding functionality, Asynchronous Client Script Callbacks, that comes with ASP.NET 2.0
* Techniques for using the XMLHttpRequest Object to communicate between the client web browser and the server
* An overview of XML, XSLT, and other ways to send data between client and server
* How to integrate Microsoft's Atlas with many of the services available in ASP.NET 2.0

Who this book is for

This book is for programmers who use ASP.NET and are just starting to use Ajax technologies to create more responsive, modern applications.

Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.

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Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Training

This comprehensive guide to training covers everything from designing, delivering and evaluating training to advice on training as a career and advice on the use (and misuse) of online training, integrating all aspects of training into a coherent plan as well as personal development for trainers themselves. An ideal hand-holding guide for those new to training or wanting to develop their training skills, the book also includes valuable advice for trainers on training as a business and going it alone. Complete with a detailed appendix listing useful names, addresses, contact points and websites this practical handbook that proved itself invaluable in its first edition is now bigger and better than ever!

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Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2005: Database Essentials Step by Step (Step By Step)

The popular, learn-by-doing tutorialupdated for SQL Server 2005. Teach yourself the fundamental techniques for designing, building, testing, and deploying SQL Server databasesone step at a time.

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Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques

If you're ready to go from blindly following step-by-step instructions to "Aha, I finally GET Photoshop!" this is the place to start. In these pages, world renowned Photoshop instructor and best-selling author Ben Willmore writes in his signature style–intuitive, crystal clear, and in-depth–helping you gain the deep understanding needed to master Photoshop's most essential features. Complex concepts like Curves and Channels are broken down into easy to digest metaphors and descriptions, and features new to Photoshop CS2–such as Bridge, Smart Objects, the revamped Layers Palette and Camera Raw dialog box, as well as the awesome new Warping and Vanishing Point features–are all covered in the depth they deserve, making it possible to quickly adapt them into your daily workflow. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, production artist or hobbyist, the knowledge you gain in this book can dramatically change the way you think about Photoshop.

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Introduction to SQL: Mastering the Relational Database Language

A first class book. A thorough and well-written introduction to a complex subject. I wish this book had been available when I was learning SQL." -Ian Cargill, Database Consultant, Soliton Software Ltd SQL was, is and always will be the database language for relational database systems such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix and Microsoft SQL Server. Introduction to SQL describes in depth the full capacity of SQL as it is implemented by the commercial databases, without neglecting the most recent changes to the standard, bringing the book up to date and fully compliant with SQL3. Unique in the extent of its coverage, this book takes you from the beginning to the end of SQL, the concepts to the practice, the apprentice to the master

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Real World Adobe Creative Suite 2

Adobe's Creative Suite offers a powerful unified design environment that includes Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS 2, InDesign CS2, GoLive CS2 and Acrobat 7.0. Problem is, you've still got to learn the thing, and learn it well: Your job, after all, depends on it. No one understands that better than the authors of this book, who draw on their own real-world professional knowledge to deliver all the industrial-strength production techniques and timesaving tips you need to start creating print and web projects with the Creative Suite 2 in record time. You'll find everything you need here to successfully master its advanced tools; working with the Adobe Bridge file browser, Stock Photos and more.

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Addison Wesley Innovation Games

  • Learn how your customers define success
  • Discover what customers don’t like about your offerings
  • Uncover unspoken needs and breakthrough opportunities
  • Understand where your offerings fit into your customers’ operations
  • Clarify exactly how and when customers will use your product or service
  • Deliver the right new features, and make better strategy decisions
  • Increase empathy for the customers’ experience within your organization
  • Improve the effectiveness of the sales and service organizations
  • Identify your most effective marketing messages and sellable features
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For Dummies AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies

  • AutoCAD shows users how to create precise 2D and 3D technical drawings, and this book offers readers practical advice, proven methods, and reliable tips from the authors' years of CAD experience
  • Fully updated to cover the new features of AutoCAD "X"
  • Topics discussed include creating a basic layout, drawing and editing, writing text in drawings, plotting, creating and editing an external reference file, CAD standards, and drawing on the Internet
  • Writing style offers a gentle and humorous approach to the subject matter of creating complex and intricate technical drawings

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