Monday, May 28, 2007

Drawing Nature

With enthusiasm and skill, artist Stanley Maltzman shows you how to turn nature's inspiration into pencil and charcoal drawings that have the expressiveness and power of paintings.

You'll learn how to choose your subject wisely, plan your drawing's format and style to express your feelings, and improvise to capture the mood of the moment.

You'll find out how to build depth and focus, and how to use specific techniques--such as circular shading, angular buildup, crosshatching and blending.

You'll see how to work with different materials and surfaces to create a variety of landscapes. And you'll get advice and instruction on rendering the basic element of outdoor scenes:

Trees-learn how to convey the character of a maple or an oak, and apple tree or a birch without showing every leaf. Let shapes tell the story.
Clouds-Maltzman introduces you to some cloud formationsthat will add strength and beauty to your compositions.
Snow-learn how to use a snowy landscape to create interesting, abstract shapes with fields, trees, houses and winding roads
Plus barns, grass, rocks, water, stone walls, ponds and more
You'll see how to go beyond photographic imitation to create original, powerful art...drawn for the love of drawing, inspired by the beauty of nature.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Drawing Tools and Equipment
Chapter 2 - Getting the Most From Your Pencil
Chapter 3 - Composing Your Picture
Chapter 4 - Trees
Chapter 5 - Clouds
Chapter 6 - Snow
Chapter 7 - Barns, Grass, Rocks and Water
Chapter 8 - Drawing Nature in Various Mediums
Tips on Storing and Framing Your Drawings

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