Monday, May 28, 2007

FriendsofED AdvancED Flash Interface Design

Book Description
As a competent Flash designer, you're probably comfortable with all of the basics that Flash has to offer. However, you've probably looked at some of the amazing Flash sites on the web and thought, "How'd they do that?" Well, you'll find out in this book.

Flash allows users to create some amazing interactive interfaces to interact with Rich Internet Applications, eLearning systems, and simple web sites. In this book, two of the most talented Flash designers in the world will show you how to use them effectively to create breathtaking visuals for your Flash web sites. You'll also learn how to take advantage of Flash's powerful built-in vector-based drawing tools.

The authors discuss general background theory, such as site planning, color theory, and Information architecture. They reveal techniques using gradents, layers, lighting and shadowing, 3D objects, animation, and photo editing. Techniques are illustrated and the book concludes with a discussion of usability and final tweaks. There is also a tutorial on testing your work, and exporting and finally publishing it.

Summary of contents:

Chapter 1 Flash Overview

Chapter 2 Creating Usable and Innovative Experiences

Chapter 3 Interface Designers' Guide to Color

Chapter 4 Planning Your Interface Design

Chapter 5 Vector Drawing and Effects in Flash and Illustrator

Chapter 6 Understanding the Timeline and Layers

Chapter 7 Working with 3D Vectors

Chapter 8 Using Video in Flash

Chapter 9 Photoshop Techniques

Chapter 10 Moving from Photoshop to Flash and Effective PNGs

Chapter 11 Creating Animated Effects

Chapter 12 Flash Textures

Chapter 13 Photo Editing in Photoshop and Flash

Chapter 14 Finishing Off Your Site

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